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Take time...
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Monday, August 16, 2010

It's NOT a Bucket ...

I've had so many people ask me what was on my 'Bucket List'.  That term ranks right up there for me with 'cleaning up'.  People do not clean up, cars yes, people no!  I'd prefer to call it my 'Wish List' or maybe even my 'No Regrets List'... but not 'Bucket List'.  Whatever Leilani, what is on it?  What is it you want to do that you have never done?  Ok, I want to go to Sydney Australia and experience life down under, just for a minute or two.  I want to climb the Eiffel Tower, one painful step at a time (the hell with the elevator), I want to see what it's like in Russia in the summer time, is it warm, and comparable to Alaska, or is it still buried in snow?  (Oh and drink some Russian Vodka and delve into some Caviar wouldn't be a bad idea either, lol)

But, neither of those are even remotely possible.  Passport and finances prohibit it.  Well that's ok, as I have been able to travel other parts of the world through the Military.  I spent the holidays one year in Japan and was able to spend New Years with Buddhists Monks.  The next best thing would have been with The Dalia himself.  But that's ok, I can most certainly live with that experience and cherish the truly enjoyable experience it was.  Extremely enlightening.

My 'list' per se, is relatively thin.  I have spent most of my life doing whatever I fancied.  There is one thing however I have not done, that I'm sure get's millions of requests along this line of thinking... and that is skydiving.  I have never jumped out of a perfectly good plane for no apparent reason other than just the thrill of jumping out.  So next month, I am skydiving.  This is my birthday and anniversary gift to myself! 

At approximately 11:30ish September 4th, that blood curdling scream heard around the world will be me, jumping tandem.  The poor man whose jumping with me has no earthly idea what he's getting himself into.  I'm wondering should I take some happy pills before the event, or after.  The question is not if, it's more like when.  The camera, will it be in the plane with me, as I do love to take pictures, (the vision of me dropping it half way down keeps me thinking maybe not...LOOK OUT BELOW...INCOMING!!!) or on the ground with some trusting soul to take the visual proof for all my non-believing friends, as well as a picture for myself to take the place of the proverbial 'pinch', yes, I really did jump out of a plane?  A friend is telling me not to think about it beforehand, or I'll talk myself out of doing it.  Not a snowballs chance in hell!

After wards, I'll have to really think hard what to put on the list to top that...



  1. Having arrived here by some means, and yet I am unsure how, I smiled at your desire to experience life 'Down Under'
    As I live north of Sydney there may be the opportunity for you to have accommodation provided should you decide to make a trip to Australia a priority. Who knows? Stranger things have happened...

  2. This is true, like they say never say never, right? Welcome and thank you for stopping by!