Take time...

Take time...
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm Still Here... I think?

After careful consideration, and I might add an enormous amount of uncontrollable pain, I have opted for conventional methods.  There are just too many success stories out there with conventional medicine.  I want to be one of those success stories.  I choose to fight with chemotherapy.  The side effects this time don't seem to be as chronic as it was the first time.  I am considerably more tired this time around,  although I was sick for a while and this could be a side effect from the cold/flu I had in conjunction with the chemotherapy.

For me to get chemo, it required a move to the north.  Way way up north.  Wyoming to be exact.  Land of 'me hunter... You Jane!'  One can definitely tell when it's hunting season here.  The men, and some women, dress in camouflage.  Right now I'm surrounded by enormous mounds of snow.  The next big 'event' is the Snowmobile competitions.  One must really enjoy winter sports living in the northern regions such as here.  I'm thinking I'll be the lounge bunny.  Inside nice and warm, watching everyone else out there in the cold.  Reading is a GREAT sport!!  he he he...

Now, the question is, did this  have anything to do with my faith?  Did I lose my faith?  Nope.  My faith is as strong as it was from day one.  I will say this, my numbers are down considerably.  Is it a result of my faith?  I would say without a doubt.   Is it a result in the homeopathic or alopathic (not sure if I am spelling it correct there) or both? Who knows.  Who cares.  All I know is I am going to continue with what I am doing, one day at time.  My complimentary along with the conventional.


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